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The cheerful and pregnant Mette (37) is enjoying a carefree holiday with her daughter Harrie (5) and husband Simon (38), when whilst shopping, she witnesses a marital dispute that spins violently out of control.


Mette has been in some sort of accident; she is staying in a rehabilitation centre in the final phase of her recuperation. Although she is still partially paralyzed and has lost some of her speech, her mind is sharp and intact. She has developed a love/hate relationship with co-rehabilitant Klaas (25), a self-proclaimed ‘ADHD-er’, who uses his infectious humour to help Mette get used to her new situation.


One day, Rineke (32) unexpectedly pays a visit, trying to convince Mette to testify against ‘Frank’; since he apparently was the one that caused the car accident that put Mette in a wheelchair.


However, as time passes, Mette seems to deteriorate; her wounds seem fresher and she increasingly shuts out Simon and her children. Her current situation seems alien to her. Time seems to slip into reverse as incomprehension, disorientation and anxiety increase. Mette gradually weakens and becomes destitute in an unreal haze of pain and medication. Finally Mette finds herself at the start of her rehabilitation.


In post production

Expected release



Esther Rots


Esther Rots


Chantal van der Horst
Gijs van de Westelaken


Rots Filmwerk
Hugo Rots
Esther Rots


Serendipity Films
Ellen De Waele

Line producer

Reinette van de Stadt
Ingeborg Gravendeel


Circé Lethem
Martijn van der Veen
Lien Wildemeersch
Teun Luijkx

Stills photographer

Sofie Silbermann
Victor Horstink

In post production, Feature film