The Group S01

About This Project

The nine central characters in The Group belong to a new fictional political party in Congress consisting of seven representatives (one of them being the leader), the spin doctor, and the founder of the party. Other supporting characters include assistants, lobbyists, reporters, etc. They form a fictional group within the real current political climate: all other politicians, tv people and other well known figures are who they are in real life, their names and activities are the same as in the daily news – so Obama is the president, and Obama is his name. They are never played by actors, we only see & hear them in newsflashes, sound bites and in cameos that add to the feeling of reality. These cameos consist of (former) politicians, well-known anchor men & women, tv reporters, talk show hosts. We also shoot scenes with our actors in the setting of a real talk show or news show, with it’s real host and with it’s real audience.


Essential to the format is this overriding feeling of reality, of literally being in the middle of real politics, in the middle of the real news – as if the viewer himself is the fly on the wall in what used to be called the smoke-filled rooms. About 70% of an episode is inside the political arena (comparable to The West Wing; the politicians’ offices and the central conference room), 30% is shot outside – especially the topical scenes.



Thomas Korthals Altes, Remy van Heugten


Charles den Tex, Roel Janssen, Toine Heijmans, Esther Wouda


Gijs van de Westelaken


Femke Halsema

Line Producer

Chantal van der Horst

Commissioning Editor VPRO

Joost de Wolf

Script editor

Gemma Derksen


Joris Smit, Han Kerckhoffs, Sandra Mattie, Tijn Docter, Nadia Amin, Marie-Louise Stheins, Mads Wittermans

Stills photographer

Victor Arnolds

Drama series, Ready made